Wednesday, December 14, 2011

" Tamil Desam an Open Fascisit Secret "

This article is a mix of my conspiracy ideology and vague facts which are available in the domain for quite some time.To start with let get some real facts about " Indian Tamil Nadu " as a state and its politics.

* The governance in this state is unmatched and unchallenged and may be second only to the state of Gujarat.Thanks to both the political parties in Tamil Nadu.

* People in this state is straight forward and friendly even though 60-70% are driven by " Ethnic Moral Absolutism".

* The states which i am comparing to have no credence/credibility in regards to governance and welfare of their respective states and people.

As a critic I uphold  the work done in running this state by successive governments in high regards.

Why this Kolavari di???? as this song is in line to "Sadda Haq" which is  known to all Indians as a synonym to peoples woe's.

              To understand the fascist nature of modern day Tamilnadu lets go back to the beginning  where it all started. Since the day we got independence to the present day  like few states in India [like Maharashtra] , politics in this state is governed by the caste system , now here the caste is not what we used to here as there is no discrimination against minority , instead it is termed as a freedom struggle for  "Tamil Diaspora".

Lets start with this line from one of the radical Tamil sites.

"Thamilan illatha Nadu illai -
Thamilanuku endru Oru Nadu illai"

"There is no state without a Tamil -
but there is no state for the Tamils".   

               Hope you all know about Dravidian's and Aryan's from our history classes if not no worries just google it :) .Now to topic, as i pointed out after independence there was a surge in tamils who calls themselves "dark skinned dravidians" there by creating an entirely new caste/ethnic group who speaks  only tamil and were vying for a separate nation called "Davida Nadu".This movement was led by the EVR [Periyar] and he formed a party called Dravida Kazhagam in short DK.His party over threw then ruling party INC in the very next election.
               The main agenda of this party is "Dravida Nadu".To strengthen the movement they started various  agitations. The famous agitations were "anti brahmin's" & "anit aryan's" as the party was made after the majority tamils.In a way they succeeded in attaining partial goal of employing 69% reservations.
               This was followed by yet another mass protest against the influence of our national language Hindi in tamilnadu claiming this will destroy the local language and due to the hysteria that prevailed in the tamils from old times regarding the Sanskrit as a language of upper casts.Here also they emerged victorious in stopping the move by central government to introduce Hindi in local schools.
               From 1960-1990 it was the time of "Dravida movement",but due to the major incidents like Chinese invasion in 1962  and the 16th amendment of constitution of India in following year the demand for separate nation was ditched by the hardliners.Instead the ideology of "tamil diaspora and trans-nation society of tamils" came to the mainstream propaganda.
               Ever since the hard-line tamil sentiments have rattled the nation and finally it rained down in the form of assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in the state of Tamil Nadu.This happend on the backdrop of  continued freedom struggle of "Tamil Elam"  against the atrocities committed by the sinhalese.
              The hard liners took this opportunity to  further strengthen there newly  established propaganda and portrayed Tamil Elam as a world wide tamil freedom struggle.There was  pandemonium in the state of Tamil Nadu and that even led to the call for boycotting independence  day celebrations across  all political parties there.
               As a result TESCO was formed for the welfare of people of tamil elam and strengthening the struggle in srilanka.When Government of India sent IPKF for peace keeping mission in srilanka , Tamil hardliners called for a mass movement against it as the Indian forces succeeded in stopping both sides from bloody warfare.Later the force were withdrawn due the wested interest from srilankan side.This resulted in making the then prime-minister arch-rival of Tamil Elam.Now it is evident that the assassination plot would haven't succeeded without the internal help from tamil hardliners.       
                 And now when our Justice system finally sentenced the guilty , the fractions of old Dravida Nadu namely  DMK and AIADMK is playing with the bygone hysteria of people .We have to remember that it is a state with no nationalized party,this will lead to serious repercussions in future as all the political party's there are based on the same ideology.
                 Lets just assume if the Tamil Elam has prevailed over Srilanka , then we would have seen another Kashmir like situation which would even surpass the blood shed there. Tamil Elam will give rise to more vicious hardliners than those in Kashmir who are sponsored by Pakistan.Thank god that such repercussions are avoided.



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