Friday, December 16, 2011


Yet another treat for my fellow cultists who wish tons of good fortune for this rugged corrupted otherwise land of Gandhi's.....The main Highlight of this section is to bring about our attention to those blotted-out swindlers con-games to our so called resilient citizens of India. No matter how many scams that happens in our vicinity, after an initial " pandemonic upheaval ", the whole movement will die out eventually and hence we got the name resilient citizens of a great resilient nation.

List of scams according to Wikipedia : scandals in India

Will update the list with proper details later.

  1. 2G Scam : May 4th 2009 when the initial reports of con game emerged.
  2. CWG scam :
  3. CVC
  4. Adharsh
  5. Bofors
  6. Coffins

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