Friday, December 16, 2011

Nippy Muckrake

In the dawn of breaking news , let me introduce the right kinda snack for those critically criticizing cultists. Here i will be posting short and direct acquisitions based on the facts running in the television media.

>Lalu Prasad Yadav urf "The Anti Agitation Saint"

> Ghost of Chidambaram is back and haunting the congress.......
            As we all know in the beginning of  winter session in parliament it was Chidambarams alleged 2G scam links that stalled the proceedings.Congress bailed out from this situation by bringing "FDI" issue, which was quite uncalled of if they were serious about running parliament in a complex democratic country like ours.They were successful in evading the opposition in this regard , well done "Gandhi Walas".But all is not well for congress and chidambaram , as once again their sins came back to haunt them, this time in the name of SP.Gupta a former client of the Home minister.

> Carrom ball from congress
           Yet another life saver from congress team in the form of 50% reservation catch in lokpal bill , this in the wake of new protest against home minister.The so called Gods of suppressed communities get together in front of parliament to show their consent in this scapegoat thrown by the ruling party.I don't where this nation is going  they even have this damed reservation in "xxxxxxxxxx", now why the hell do they need this in lokpal...This is just bull-shenanigans.......  

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