Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kapil Sibal Decoded.........

Following an interview named Devil's Advocate in NDTV, I have selected few quotes from Kapil Sibals reasonings about the forced censoring of free speech in Internet .

@ He said if some objectionable pictures are uploaded in the social networking sites , it would take years to bring the culprit to justice.
                         Mr minister has unknowingly spilled the truth that Indian Judicial  system is inefficient in providing timely justice to the victims.And his remedy to this is a "passive control" of Internet medium.Well if he is so much concerned about bringing guilty to justice then he must start working on LOKPAL BILL with ANNA.If not at least  look into the social issues which are thriving for immediate attention than this less priority publicity stunt.

@ FDI vs FOS : Ever since the beginning he is raising voice about protecting the sentiments of people.  
                        Well lets introspect this in relation with Foreign Direct Investments.For years we have been  protecting our fellow business men by almost stopping the direct investments from foreign players. There by  allowing our industries to develop and become able to compete with the their foreign counterparts.This is justifiable because its been only 60+ years since independence.
                        Recently this government has forcefully tried to impose FDI on us , giving the justification that our home grown industries have matured enough to compete with its foreign counterparts.
                       In relation to what i said above government has adopted a stand that our society has not     evolved like business community instead it degraded itself and cant even tackle the nutshells trolling in the Internet.There by government is portraying our nation as a "degrading society".

To conclude isn't there more than enough sentimental issues trolling within our country like  Shiv Sena's Maratha hooliganism  ,  Tamilakam's Fascism , Mayawati's Divide and Rule based on Cast and Separatists in Kashmir's etc .........Instead of finding solutions to the things which are in the immediate interest, he wants to control the mass media ???? I can only say that this is a calculative move from congress party to suppress the online movement against them which  will decide their fate in the upcoming elections.As INTERNET is going to play a huge role in world politics, an evident example is "Julian Assange"

And he quotes :"In the UK right now there are 300 secret gag orders. Those are gag orders that not only prevent the press from reporting corruption and abuse, they prevent the press from -reporting- the press has been gagged."

Similar will be the case with us as it is evident that congress doesn't wants a strong "LOKPAL BILL" coz more than half of its politicians are corrupted .

       What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear.”   

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