Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dam, Plant & Political Subterfuge....

Two main points of contention in southern region is revolving around man made energy sources, don't get your honchos ready thinking about another "Green Revolution".Let me state what the issues are,well its about a nuclear power plant and a dam . Now you may tighten your grip once again , but hold on and think which country are you in ??? bloody energy starved beggars who import more than 50% of its energy from outside.And we are those nutshells who call for strike when petrol price hikes even without looking into the reason and not even stressing for future remedies.This topic is about such morons in Tamilnadu and Kerala, but the later falls into the category of "Morosoph's".That is even with 100% claimed literacy, they cant even manage domestic issue.

In both KoodanKulam Nuclear Power Plant [KKNPP] & Mulla-Periyar Dam [MDP] issues it is quite clear that political gambit is being worked out to gain unprecedented political mileage in that region.Both these projects could have been terminated at some point of time in the past.Instead both  states raised their voices in obscure way, stating their intentions clear, that is utilizing this as an instrument for political gimmicking.

KoodanKulam project started in late 90's and at that time the state of Tamilnadu was sleeping , and all of a sudden they woke from hibernation to stage protest against the precariousness of "nuclear holocaust".In fact the project itself was delayed for several years after getting sanction from government in 1988 due to various other reasons.So what were the governments in that state doing at that time ?? who are supporting the peoples right now over this issue.......Now you may say that this all happen after the "Fukushima incident",well to those who thinks so ...Ain't there any other nuclear tragedies which happened even before India had its own nuclear plant???...Well is Fukushima incident  some kinda sacred cow as it was caused by Tsunami???
Yes that may be the one point on which inhabitants of that region are being manipulated by the political fraternity as they have witnessed the menacing disaster unleashed by one such Tsunami.

However there is an other angle to this whole agitation by the so called "green activists" ever since the idea of this plant came into existence .As it is obvious that whenever a man made system is being implemented such uprising is a usual course of action .Some have relevance some don't , but mostly they are all based on hypothetical situations which is mainly motivated by "wested" interests.In the case of KoodanKulam Project also, when we consider the series of small agitations that were taking place ever since 1987 ,which the current agitators are linking to as a 2 decade long protests, which is not in my opinion, can be linked to a sabotage theory.Like i said most of these protests are being push through by the foreign elements, a possibility can be proved by taking into account the following reasons : Geopolitical situation mainly CIA sponsored protests against the Russian built Plant to uproot the Russian supremacy in India , Also in the earlier stages US wants to tie down India as it is favoring Pakistan which is a known fact in 1971 war, read this article and correlate the events of agitations that has clouded the project. Article 1

 Second major issue which seeks urgent attention is the Mulla-Periyar Dam row .Like i said in the first para this issue have been handled by "Morosoph's" in short educated fools.Lets draw a line form KoodanKulam protesters reasoning : "The nuclear plant was built against the will of  inhabitants living there , hence plant must be dismantled".

Well if this is to be considered as a valid woe of people , then why isn't  Periyar-Dam get the same status, as it was shoveled on to us by British.The then ruler of  Travancore was not willing to enter into such contract with Madras presidency , but eventually he succumbed to British pressure.Now if people of Tamilnadu  is rubbishing safety concerns of Periyar-Dam , what rights do they have to protest against the most robust technology implemented in the KoodanKulam Plant?????.This shows the fascist nature of Tamilakam and its so called politics. Refer to this article for Tamil fascist ideology  : Article 2

Like in KoodanKulam protest , Periyar-Dam issue is also subjected to "political gimmicking".Ever since the issue came to  mainstream politics of  "Independent India"  no political parties neither CPM nor Congress took affirmative steps to terminate this agreement or at least make the changes which would serve both the states,there by avoiding any future contentions regarding this "DAM 999".Like it is with  all political parties after initial hype everything will subside, by this time parties concerned have gained immense political mileage.

The pandemonium created by fractions of congress namely Mani-group , and later taken up as the main agenda of  Kerala-congress, is just a political showdown for the Mani-group.If they have been so concerned they could have done it even without coming into power, as it may be pointed out as a reason for not doing so.Best example for this is the case against the Home-minister by the lawyer turned politician Subramanya swamy in 2G-Scam. Refer this article for the various political initiatives and their demises : Article 3           

Another issue that caught up with Periyar-Dam row  is the banning of the movie  "DAM-999".Which is based on the the very issue.Like the hooliganism of Shiv-Sena Tamilndau government has played its part of shenanigans.If they are so concerned about "fear psychosis" that may get induced into people why are they not banning most similar programs in Discovery channel which plays the dreaded Fukushima  incident 24x7.And point to be noted  is that this channel is  transmitted in local language which is Tamil.Ain't there be any kind of fear psychosis because this ?????...This clearly shows the double standards of Tamilnadu.

For further reading in this damed Dam issue please refer : Article 4

To conclude as i sad in the beginning  both issues are cooked up and are being stretched long to satisfy the political leaderships clubbed with foreign wested interests.

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