Friday, December 23, 2011

Lalu Prasad Yadav urf "The Anti Agitation Saint"

Recent question hour in parliament witnessed this gentleman's foolhardy wisdom about this nation and its legacy.According to him "India is not run by agitations instead by a foolproof  parliament".[Which in turn is run by parliamentarians like him.Who are elected by brainless creatures like us.].Well he must be thinking about his constituency where corruption raj prevails,as it was his hobby to "hop from Tihar to Bihar" while cracking witless jokes for media.

He must have forgotten how we got independence.He might even said that Gandhi mustn't have agitated against British as there was British rule to take care of people of India.How such an incompetent sheets  get into parliament, oops forgot its coz of  us the "brainless children of India".

On one hand parties in India is opposing the court order for restricting the political demonstration from disrupting public life .Which is to an extent effective to save this country from trillions of economic loss, but still maintaining the right to agitate in a peaceful manner.

Now i got it why Americans value there freedom and we simply misuse it by degrading it .They got it by hard ship and war , where as we got it as a sell off of second world war and then framed  it as a reason of not so effective freedom struggle.     

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