Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi guys!!!!

After years of surfing in blogs and forums i have finally decided to unleash my "Frustrations" here in this media for the public scrutiny.As we are all annoyed by the current situations in our country and the world itself.Speaking of which reminds me of the recent "harakiri" by the Kapil Sibal , whose sole intention is to make India another China by  regulating the the "Final Frontier of freethinkers " which is "The Internet".

And this comes on the verge of  prolonged hooliganism that was going on since the Independence in the world of Indian politics.This particular move by the minister is to save the face of congress and its so called criticized Italian Gandhi legacy and above all "THE ANNA MOVEMENT" which is spreading like a virus in net ["virus"as far as congress in concerned] .

"We [Congress the so called civilized party "rofl"] cant allow  the religious sentiments of our people to get hurt".

I don't know what kinda sentiments is he talking about when the world itself is playing trick'O'treat in this respect.Gone are those days when the civilized India indulge in communal riots provoked by the idiots in center and respective state heads.When this is the era of "Terrorists" how can he make such an excuse.

Now for the point of debate let us  assume that what he is saying is right.Out of 100% Indians roughly about 60% are  educated or i should say has got the ability to distinguish between right and wrong with due credit to the society. The other 40% are those poor people who are  yet to be exposed to this so called sentimental harassment in INTERNET.They basically don't even think when they vote for an idiot , who entice them for the political power.So  in what way Mr Ministers action can be justified. As the kashmiri separatists say we are in a "banana republic".

Is this a "DEMOCRACY" ?

So guys like the above discussion we will have several good ones here and what ever i depicts here is my views and mine only .But you guys are always welcome to criticize me. Hence the name "CriticallyCriticized"         

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