Friday, December 23, 2011

Lalu Prasad Yadav urf "The Anti Agitation Saint"

Recent question hour in parliament witnessed this gentleman's foolhardy wisdom about this nation and its legacy.According to him "India is not run by agitations instead by a foolproof  parliament".[Which in turn is run by parliamentarians like him.Who are elected by brainless creatures like us.].Well he must be thinking about his constituency where corruption raj prevails,as it was his hobby to "hop from Tihar to Bihar" while cracking witless jokes for media.

He must have forgotten how we got independence.He might even said that Gandhi mustn't have agitated against British as there was British rule to take care of people of India.How such an incompetent sheets  get into parliament, oops forgot its coz of  us the "brainless children of India".

On one hand parties in India is opposing the court order for restricting the political demonstration from disrupting public life .Which is to an extent effective to save this country from trillions of economic loss, but still maintaining the right to agitate in a peaceful manner.

Now i got it why Americans value there freedom and we simply misuse it by degrading it .They got it by hard ship and war , where as we got it as a sell off of second world war and then framed  it as a reason of not so effective freedom struggle.     

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dam, Plant & Political Subterfuge....

Two main points of contention in southern region is revolving around man made energy sources, don't get your honchos ready thinking about another "Green Revolution".Let me state what the issues are,well its about a nuclear power plant and a dam . Now you may tighten your grip once again , but hold on and think which country are you in ??? bloody energy starved beggars who import more than 50% of its energy from outside.And we are those nutshells who call for strike when petrol price hikes even without looking into the reason and not even stressing for future remedies.This topic is about such morons in Tamilnadu and Kerala, but the later falls into the category of "Morosoph's".That is even with 100% claimed literacy, they cant even manage domestic issue.

In both KoodanKulam Nuclear Power Plant [KKNPP] & Mulla-Periyar Dam [MDP] issues it is quite clear that political gambit is being worked out to gain unprecedented political mileage in that region.Both these projects could have been terminated at some point of time in the past.Instead both  states raised their voices in obscure way, stating their intentions clear, that is utilizing this as an instrument for political gimmicking.

KoodanKulam project started in late 90's and at that time the state of Tamilnadu was sleeping , and all of a sudden they woke from hibernation to stage protest against the precariousness of "nuclear holocaust".In fact the project itself was delayed for several years after getting sanction from government in 1988 due to various other reasons.So what were the governments in that state doing at that time ?? who are supporting the peoples right now over this issue.......Now you may say that this all happen after the "Fukushima incident",well to those who thinks so ...Ain't there any other nuclear tragedies which happened even before India had its own nuclear plant???...Well is Fukushima incident  some kinda sacred cow as it was caused by Tsunami???
Yes that may be the one point on which inhabitants of that region are being manipulated by the political fraternity as they have witnessed the menacing disaster unleashed by one such Tsunami.

However there is an other angle to this whole agitation by the so called "green activists" ever since the idea of this plant came into existence .As it is obvious that whenever a man made system is being implemented such uprising is a usual course of action .Some have relevance some don't , but mostly they are all based on hypothetical situations which is mainly motivated by "wested" interests.In the case of KoodanKulam Project also, when we consider the series of small agitations that were taking place ever since 1987 ,which the current agitators are linking to as a 2 decade long protests, which is not in my opinion, can be linked to a sabotage theory.Like i said most of these protests are being push through by the foreign elements, a possibility can be proved by taking into account the following reasons : Geopolitical situation mainly CIA sponsored protests against the Russian built Plant to uproot the Russian supremacy in India , Also in the earlier stages US wants to tie down India as it is favoring Pakistan which is a known fact in 1971 war, read this article and correlate the events of agitations that has clouded the project. Article 1

 Second major issue which seeks urgent attention is the Mulla-Periyar Dam row .Like i said in the first para this issue have been handled by "Morosoph's" in short educated fools.Lets draw a line form KoodanKulam protesters reasoning : "The nuclear plant was built against the will of  inhabitants living there , hence plant must be dismantled".

Well if this is to be considered as a valid woe of people , then why isn't  Periyar-Dam get the same status, as it was shoveled on to us by British.The then ruler of  Travancore was not willing to enter into such contract with Madras presidency , but eventually he succumbed to British pressure.Now if people of Tamilnadu  is rubbishing safety concerns of Periyar-Dam , what rights do they have to protest against the most robust technology implemented in the KoodanKulam Plant?????.This shows the fascist nature of Tamilakam and its so called politics. Refer to this article for Tamil fascist ideology  : Article 2

Like in KoodanKulam protest , Periyar-Dam issue is also subjected to "political gimmicking".Ever since the issue came to  mainstream politics of  "Independent India"  no political parties neither CPM nor Congress took affirmative steps to terminate this agreement or at least make the changes which would serve both the states,there by avoiding any future contentions regarding this "DAM 999".Like it is with  all political parties after initial hype everything will subside, by this time parties concerned have gained immense political mileage.

The pandemonium created by fractions of congress namely Mani-group , and later taken up as the main agenda of  Kerala-congress, is just a political showdown for the Mani-group.If they have been so concerned they could have done it even without coming into power, as it may be pointed out as a reason for not doing so.Best example for this is the case against the Home-minister by the lawyer turned politician Subramanya swamy in 2G-Scam. Refer this article for the various political initiatives and their demises : Article 3           

Another issue that caught up with Periyar-Dam row  is the banning of the movie  "DAM-999".Which is based on the the very issue.Like the hooliganism of Shiv-Sena Tamilndau government has played its part of shenanigans.If they are so concerned about "fear psychosis" that may get induced into people why are they not banning most similar programs in Discovery channel which plays the dreaded Fukushima  incident 24x7.And point to be noted  is that this channel is  transmitted in local language which is Tamil.Ain't there be any kind of fear psychosis because this ?????...This clearly shows the double standards of Tamilnadu.

For further reading in this damed Dam issue please refer : Article 4

To conclude as i sad in the beginning  both issues are cooked up and are being stretched long to satisfy the political leaderships clubbed with foreign wested interests.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lokpal Standing Committee A Joke

Amidst all the chaos about Lokpal Bill and the one submitted by the standing committee , we forget to check who are there in this committee .This is a scaled down version of parliament with the representatives across all the political parties and hence called mini parliament.These members are entitled to draft a strong bill for the betterment of the nation, instead are they trying to save their wested interests so that they can still keep their much high profiled portfolio which is "Corruption"???????........

Is there any credibility in this committee?????Are the people entitled to do the job arm twisting the laws so that there is loop holes in it????

And the most important question of them all, is there any corrupted or accused personalities for corruption  in this committee??????

Well the answer is yes there are such people in this committee.One of the prominent names are Amar Singh , Lalu Prasad ......These are the two prominent names that i can easily point out .It doesn't mean that rest is not corrupt or accused.This is mainly due to the inefficiency of media to highlight their corrupted political past. However there are sites which shows the details of political past of members in fact all the politicians.Or it may also be the reason that we forgot due to the much hyped resilient nature of ours lol....or may be coz of the political might of these personalities.....who knows.....

This came to my attention when i was watching a flash news in Times Now channel, in which the contingent of committee members were passing by "Abhishek Manu Singhvi" the chairman of standing committee.In between one familiar face passed by it was that of Amar Singh  an accused in " cash for vote scam ".Who got out of jail on the basis of health reasons like all our "babus" do irrespective of either they are from  Congress or  BJP.

Here is the list of names in that committee from a daily news paper site : Standing committee members

What ever may be the reason our much hyped national english news channels, who are known for their wholehearted commitment in exposing anomalies in the world of politics , cannot shy away from the fact that they have missed out to expose such a controversial committee members.May be due to some unknown secret "gag orders" to silence the mainstream media....Don t forget we are living in the era of Kapil Sibal.....

If you want to describe this committee, well lets say it is like entrusting the safety of treasure with thief's.....................knowingly we are drinking poison ......and hoping to get to "paradise".....ultimately it will be "fools paradise"

I never thought that such blatant irresponsible attitude in selecting the members from the government side.At least they could have,set some guidelines for the members who are allowed to take part.After all this is "the" important constitutional bill for the future of "Corruption Free India".


Friday, December 16, 2011


Yet another treat for my fellow cultists who wish tons of good fortune for this rugged corrupted otherwise land of Gandhi's.....The main Highlight of this section is to bring about our attention to those blotted-out swindlers con-games to our so called resilient citizens of India. No matter how many scams that happens in our vicinity, after an initial " pandemonic upheaval ", the whole movement will die out eventually and hence we got the name resilient citizens of a great resilient nation.

List of scams according to Wikipedia : scandals in India

Will update the list with proper details later.

  1. 2G Scam : May 4th 2009 when the initial reports of con game emerged.
  2. CWG scam :
  3. CVC
  4. Adharsh
  5. Bofors
  6. Coffins

Nippy Muckrake

In the dawn of breaking news , let me introduce the right kinda snack for those critically criticizing cultists. Here i will be posting short and direct acquisitions based on the facts running in the television media.

>Lalu Prasad Yadav urf "The Anti Agitation Saint"

> Ghost of Chidambaram is back and haunting the congress.......
            As we all know in the beginning of  winter session in parliament it was Chidambarams alleged 2G scam links that stalled the proceedings.Congress bailed out from this situation by bringing "FDI" issue, which was quite uncalled of if they were serious about running parliament in a complex democratic country like ours.They were successful in evading the opposition in this regard , well done "Gandhi Walas".But all is not well for congress and chidambaram , as once again their sins came back to haunt them, this time in the name of SP.Gupta a former client of the Home minister.

> Carrom ball from congress
           Yet another life saver from congress team in the form of 50% reservation catch in lokpal bill , this in the wake of new protest against home minister.The so called Gods of suppressed communities get together in front of parliament to show their consent in this scapegoat thrown by the ruling party.I don't where this nation is going  they even have this damed reservation in "xxxxxxxxxx", now why the hell do they need this in lokpal...This is just bull-shenanigans.......  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

" Tamil Desam an Open Fascisit Secret "

This article is a mix of my conspiracy ideology and vague facts which are available in the domain for quite some time.To start with let get some real facts about " Indian Tamil Nadu " as a state and its politics.

* The governance in this state is unmatched and unchallenged and may be second only to the state of Gujarat.Thanks to both the political parties in Tamil Nadu.

* People in this state is straight forward and friendly even though 60-70% are driven by " Ethnic Moral Absolutism".

* The states which i am comparing to have no credence/credibility in regards to governance and welfare of their respective states and people.

As a critic I uphold  the work done in running this state by successive governments in high regards.

Why this Kolavari di???? as this song is in line to "Sadda Haq" which is  known to all Indians as a synonym to peoples woe's.

              To understand the fascist nature of modern day Tamilnadu lets go back to the beginning  where it all started. Since the day we got independence to the present day  like few states in India [like Maharashtra] , politics in this state is governed by the caste system , now here the caste is not what we used to here as there is no discrimination against minority , instead it is termed as a freedom struggle for  "Tamil Diaspora".

Lets start with this line from one of the radical Tamil sites.

"Thamilan illatha Nadu illai -
Thamilanuku endru Oru Nadu illai"

"There is no state without a Tamil -
but there is no state for the Tamils".   

               Hope you all know about Dravidian's and Aryan's from our history classes if not no worries just google it :) .Now to topic, as i pointed out after independence there was a surge in tamils who calls themselves "dark skinned dravidians" there by creating an entirely new caste/ethnic group who speaks  only tamil and were vying for a separate nation called "Davida Nadu".This movement was led by the EVR [Periyar] and he formed a party called Dravida Kazhagam in short DK.His party over threw then ruling party INC in the very next election.
               The main agenda of this party is "Dravida Nadu".To strengthen the movement they started various  agitations. The famous agitations were "anti brahmin's" & "anit aryan's" as the party was made after the majority tamils.In a way they succeeded in attaining partial goal of employing 69% reservations.
               This was followed by yet another mass protest against the influence of our national language Hindi in tamilnadu claiming this will destroy the local language and due to the hysteria that prevailed in the tamils from old times regarding the Sanskrit as a language of upper casts.Here also they emerged victorious in stopping the move by central government to introduce Hindi in local schools.
               From 1960-1990 it was the time of "Dravida movement",but due to the major incidents like Chinese invasion in 1962  and the 16th amendment of constitution of India in following year the demand for separate nation was ditched by the hardliners.Instead the ideology of "tamil diaspora and trans-nation society of tamils" came to the mainstream propaganda.
               Ever since the hard-line tamil sentiments have rattled the nation and finally it rained down in the form of assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in the state of Tamil Nadu.This happend on the backdrop of  continued freedom struggle of "Tamil Elam"  against the atrocities committed by the sinhalese.
              The hard liners took this opportunity to  further strengthen there newly  established propaganda and portrayed Tamil Elam as a world wide tamil freedom struggle.There was  pandemonium in the state of Tamil Nadu and that even led to the call for boycotting independence  day celebrations across  all political parties there.
               As a result TESCO was formed for the welfare of people of tamil elam and strengthening the struggle in srilanka.When Government of India sent IPKF for peace keeping mission in srilanka , Tamil hardliners called for a mass movement against it as the Indian forces succeeded in stopping both sides from bloody warfare.Later the force were withdrawn due the wested interest from srilankan side.This resulted in making the then prime-minister arch-rival of Tamil Elam.Now it is evident that the assassination plot would haven't succeeded without the internal help from tamil hardliners.       
                 And now when our Justice system finally sentenced the guilty , the fractions of old Dravida Nadu namely  DMK and AIADMK is playing with the bygone hysteria of people .We have to remember that it is a state with no nationalized party,this will lead to serious repercussions in future as all the political party's there are based on the same ideology.
                 Lets just assume if the Tamil Elam has prevailed over Srilanka , then we would have seen another Kashmir like situation which would even surpass the blood shed there. Tamil Elam will give rise to more vicious hardliners than those in Kashmir who are sponsored by Pakistan.Thank god that such repercussions are avoided.



Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kapil Sibal Decoded.........

Following an interview named Devil's Advocate in NDTV, I have selected few quotes from Kapil Sibals reasonings about the forced censoring of free speech in Internet .

@ He said if some objectionable pictures are uploaded in the social networking sites , it would take years to bring the culprit to justice.
                         Mr minister has unknowingly spilled the truth that Indian Judicial  system is inefficient in providing timely justice to the victims.And his remedy to this is a "passive control" of Internet medium.Well if he is so much concerned about bringing guilty to justice then he must start working on LOKPAL BILL with ANNA.If not at least  look into the social issues which are thriving for immediate attention than this less priority publicity stunt.

@ FDI vs FOS : Ever since the beginning he is raising voice about protecting the sentiments of people.  
                        Well lets introspect this in relation with Foreign Direct Investments.For years we have been  protecting our fellow business men by almost stopping the direct investments from foreign players. There by  allowing our industries to develop and become able to compete with the their foreign counterparts.This is justifiable because its been only 60+ years since independence.
                        Recently this government has forcefully tried to impose FDI on us , giving the justification that our home grown industries have matured enough to compete with its foreign counterparts.
                       In relation to what i said above government has adopted a stand that our society has not     evolved like business community instead it degraded itself and cant even tackle the nutshells trolling in the Internet.There by government is portraying our nation as a "degrading society".

To conclude isn't there more than enough sentimental issues trolling within our country like  Shiv Sena's Maratha hooliganism  ,  Tamilakam's Fascism , Mayawati's Divide and Rule based on Cast and Separatists in Kashmir's etc .........Instead of finding solutions to the things which are in the immediate interest, he wants to control the mass media ???? I can only say that this is a calculative move from congress party to suppress the online movement against them which  will decide their fate in the upcoming elections.As INTERNET is going to play a huge role in world politics, an evident example is "Julian Assange"

And he quotes :"In the UK right now there are 300 secret gag orders. Those are gag orders that not only prevent the press from reporting corruption and abuse, they prevent the press from -reporting- the press has been gagged."

Similar will be the case with us as it is evident that congress doesn't wants a strong "LOKPAL BILL" coz more than half of its politicians are corrupted .

       What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear.”   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conspiracy Theories

Guys in this section i will be concentrating on paranoia of  " third world cold war " scenarios  . I will be adding potential candidates and the possible fictional explanation from the mass media as and when i get time . And for discussion on such topics i will open new posts.Here we go .......
> The Italian Gandhi Legacy 
        @ Watch the movie " The Ghost Writer " : Exhibit-1    

Tamil Desam an Open Fascist Secret


Hi guys!!!!

After years of surfing in blogs and forums i have finally decided to unleash my "Frustrations" here in this media for the public scrutiny.As we are all annoyed by the current situations in our country and the world itself.Speaking of which reminds me of the recent "harakiri" by the Kapil Sibal , whose sole intention is to make India another China by  regulating the the "Final Frontier of freethinkers " which is "The Internet".

And this comes on the verge of  prolonged hooliganism that was going on since the Independence in the world of Indian politics.This particular move by the minister is to save the face of congress and its so called criticized Italian Gandhi legacy and above all "THE ANNA MOVEMENT" which is spreading like a virus in net ["virus"as far as congress in concerned] .

"We [Congress the so called civilized party "rofl"] cant allow  the religious sentiments of our people to get hurt".

I don't know what kinda sentiments is he talking about when the world itself is playing trick'O'treat in this respect.Gone are those days when the civilized India indulge in communal riots provoked by the idiots in center and respective state heads.When this is the era of "Terrorists" how can he make such an excuse.

Now for the point of debate let us  assume that what he is saying is right.Out of 100% Indians roughly about 60% are  educated or i should say has got the ability to distinguish between right and wrong with due credit to the society. The other 40% are those poor people who are  yet to be exposed to this so called sentimental harassment in INTERNET.They basically don't even think when they vote for an idiot , who entice them for the political power.So  in what way Mr Ministers action can be justified. As the kashmiri separatists say we are in a "banana republic".

Is this a "DEMOCRACY" ?

So guys like the above discussion we will have several good ones here and what ever i depicts here is my views and mine only .But you guys are always welcome to criticize me. Hence the name "CriticallyCriticized"